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Technical Assistance Services

Technical Assistance Services

Service Overview

Technical Assistance Services for Incident Response ("IR") enable you to use the specialized capabilities and insights of Secureworks personnel for fixed scope technical requests with structured outcomes as part of the Secureworks Incident Management Retainer ("IMR"). The list of available Technical Assistance Services for IR is provided further below, and the services are delivered remotely.

Service Methodology

You are responsible for ensuring Secureworks has access to all information and data required to complete the request for Technical Assistance.

Technology Assistance Services are intended to address isolated technical concerns and are not a substitute for full-scale incident response or comprehensive technical analysis efforts. If you need on-site support, full-scale digital forensic analysis support, full-scale reverse engineering support, or full-scale incident response support, then Secureworks Emergency Incident Response services can be purchased separately.


The format of the deliverable(s) that Secureworks provides to you varies depending on the type of Technical Assistance Service being requested and your data that is available. When technical analysis of data is conducted by Secureworks, a summary of findings and any other notable details discovered during the analysis process will be provided. Findings provided to you may also include recommendations to proceed with additional fixed scope analysis efforts, for you to transition to full-scale incident response efforts or other remedial efforts, or for you to consider leveraging other Incident Management Retainer Services Catalog options. See the list of available Technical Assistance Services below.

List of Technical Assistance Services

Scheduling and Booking Information

See Service Scheduling for information about scheduling this service.


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