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Frequently Asked Questions

Account Management

How do I reset my password?

See Changing Your Password.

How do I create new users in VDR?

See Creating New Users.

How do I add new users to a team?

See Adding Members to a Team.

How do I modify my email notification preferences?

See Activating User Notifications for your individual notification settings and Activating Team Notifications for team notification settings.

VDR Usage

What is VDR's definition of an asset?

See VDR's Definition of an Asset.

What IPs/Ranges do Internet/Perimeter scans originate from?

See What IPs/Ranges are the Internet & Perimeter Scans Conducted from?

How do prioritization factors impact the Contextual Prioritization Score (CPS)?

See Understanding More Complex Prioritization Factors.

Are there other options to authenticate to VDR than the built-in authenticator?

Yes, for more information on available authentication options, see How to Set up SAML2 SSO with Azure AD and Using the Okta Authorization Server with VDR.

Will my Edge Service be safelisted on other products or services I have with SecureWorks, like XDR, Red Cloak, iSensors, or Carbon Black?

No, when you create a new Edge Service, you will have to contact the appropriate Secureworks team, provide them with the IP, and request the IP be safelisted.

VDR Support

What support is available for VDR?

See Basic Application Support Policy.


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