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What IPs/Ranges are the Internet & Perimeter Scans Conducted from?

This is the list of IPs where our Internet/Perimeter scans originate from. These are also the destinations where the Edge Services will connect to.

VDR Public IPs

If you require Secureworks® Taegis™ VDR to scan your perimeter assets, you need to make sure that your IPS/WAF/CloudFlare or any perimeter protection mechanism safelists the following public IP addresses, from where all our scans originate:

Please note that if you are scanning third-party assets that are not under your direct control, it is also your responsibility to make sure the hosters of these assets are aware of these scans, especially so that they don’t generate unnecessary abuse alerts directed towards our IPs.

Scanning AWS, Azure, & GCP

Some cloud hosters do require specific forms to be filled before scanning their environment, even if you are the owner of the scanned assets.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

No specific form is necessary.


From Microsoft:

As of June 15, 2017, Microsoft no longer requires pre-approval to conduct a penetration test against Azure resources. Customers who wish to formally document upcoming penetration testing engagements against Microsoft Azure are encouraged to fill out the Azure Service Penetration Testing Notification form. This process is only related to Microsoft Azure, and not applicable to any other Microsoft Cloud Service.

Amazon Web Service (AWS):

From Amazon:

Effective immediately, AWS customers are welcome to carry out security assessments or penetration tests against their AWS infrastructure without prior approval for 8 services.


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