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Executive Summary Dashboard: Health Score Panel

This article provides an overview of the information displayed in the Health Score panel.

Health Score

Health Score

The Health Score panel displays the following metrics:


Visualizing this graph in relation to the Assets panel may help to better understand how adding or removing assets in your environment can affect the Health Score.

How is the Health Score defined?

The Health Score is defined as follows:

How are individual assets' Health Scores calculated?

The asset's worst vulnerability CPS is the only one counted on an asset to evaluate its health (the health of an asset with regard to its potential exploitability on the network is not affected by the number of equivalent "worst" vulnerabilities, as CPS already takes into account surrounding vulnerabilities).

The asset Health Score s(a) is therefore defined as:

Asset Health Score

Asset Health Score

How is the organization Health Score calculated?

The organization global Health Score (non-normalized) is the sum of all the assets' Health Scores in your environment. If s(a) is the Health Score of asset a, then the global organization's Health Score S(org) is defined as:

Organization Health Score

Organization Health Score

How is the normalized organization Health Score calculated?

The normalized Health Score allows you to compare your own Health Score to peers and/or to subdivisions within your organization. It is the ratio of all your healthy assets versus all your scanned assets.

Normalized Organization Health Score

Normalized Organization Health Score

To view the normalized Health Score, select the menu icon in the upper left corner and choose Normalized from Panel Options.

How is the Projected Impact calculated?

  1. Every Remediation Plan created through the remediation feature will have an individual positive impact on the Health Score (in percentage) as it will improve by fixing these vulnerabilities on specific assets.
  2. The Projected Impact displayed in the Health Score panel is simply the sum of the individual remediation plans' impacts on the health score (in percentage), for all the plans that still have some vulnerabilities to fix.


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