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Adding Assets via Third-Party Scanner

This article describes how to add new assets in Secureworks® Taegis™ VDR via a third-party scanner.

Configure a Third-Party Scanner Range

If you have configured a third-party scanner connector in VDR, such as Qualys, you must add the special connector tag that was created when you added the connector, so that VDR fetches assets through this connector by way of API calls to the third-party scanner.


Special connector tags that indicate that an asset's data comes from a third-party scanner connector have a dark red border visible throughout VDR.

Configure Qualys' Special Range (Domain-Only Websites)

While importing websites from Qualys through the connector, some are found to miss an IP address and are only known through their domain. Since the only way to auto discover assets is by IP address, those websites are given a fake IP range of To be able to view those websites in VDR, here's how to add this special range:

Prerequisite: You must have configured a Qualys connector and know the name of the associated tag. This will be important for linking the new range to the connector. For the purpose of this walkthrough, we will assume it is named Qualys.

  1. In the application, navigate to AUTO DISCOVERY and select the + on the top right. The Add a new range modal displays.

  2. In IP Range, type The ADD and ADD AND DISCOVER NOW options are now enabled.

  3. In Tags, start typing Qualys. Select the Qualys tag listed in the drop down that appears as you type. You can configure the scheduling at this time, but that is not mandatory right now.


Your new range is now configured and the asset discovery process will start to assign the Websites to the range.


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