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Generic Edge Service Images

These are the links to download generic Edge Service disk images in compressed format and AMI IDs for AWS installations.

On-Premise/VM Disk Image Downloads

You should download or use these images only if you have followed the procedure to generate and install a generic post-configured Edge Service.

Choose the right download according to your virtualization or cloud infrastructure platform. You can also verify the download integrity with the corresponding published hashes.


These images are not full-hardware VM images, but disk/storage images to associate to a VM of your choice, scaled to your desired scanning capacity following these CPU/Memory requirements.

Image Type Virtualization Platforms Download Link Hash Link Download Size Extracted Size
VMWare VMDK ESXi, vSphere Download Sha256 ~3GB ~8GB
Microsoft VHDX Hyper-V Download Sha256 ~3GB ~8GB
Microsoft VHD Azure Download Sha256 ~3GB ~52GB
QCOW2 KVM, QEMU Download Sha256 ~3GB ~8GB
RAW AWS (see below) Download Sha256 ~3GB ~52GB
VDI Oracle Virtualbox Download Sha256 ~3GB ~8GB

Amazon Web Services (AWS) AMI Images

You should use these AWS IDs only if you have followed the procedure to generate and install an AMI based Edge Service.

AWS Location AWS Region AMI ID Description
Canada ca-central-1 ami-02d9f9c326e4512f7 VDR Edge Service AMI {ca-central-1}
N. Virginia us-east-1 ami-02d6b9b7fa27b3548 VDR Edge Service AMI {us-east-1}
Ohio us-east-2 ami-02b8b260c5cfa4fc8 VDR Edge Service AMI {us-east-2}
N. California us-west-1 ami-063a113de6180b7e6 VDR Edge Service AMI {us-west-1}
Oregon us-west-2 ami-0d7980506b01e8bd9 VDR Edge Service AMI {us-west-2}
Frankfurt eu-central-1 ami-0f015fee16424e93c VDR Edge Service AMI {eu-central-1}
Ireland eu-west-1 ami-0921c76f0d3e1a2f4 VDR Edge Service AMI {eu-west-1}
London eu-west-2 ami-03f6a12caf274ec37 VDR Edge Service AMI {eu-west-2}
Paris eu-west-3 ami-04925b6fb81e32857 VDR Edge Service AMI {eu-west-3}
Singapore ap-southeast-1 ami-04e2193db96e8af39 VDR Edge Service AMI {ap-southeast-1}
Sydney ap-southeast-2 ami-0707be1299cb51dcd VDR Edge Service AMI {ap-southeast-2}
Tokyo ap-northeast-1 ami-06d5113803a4dc574 VDR Edge Service AMI {ap-northeast-1}
Seoul ap-northeast-2 ami-052961acfbd013619 VDR Edge Service AMI {ap-northeast-2}
Osaka ap-northeast-3 ami-07efa448517fe061b VDR Edge Service AMI {ap-northeast-3}
UAE me-central-1 ami-0e6bdb6081f05854a VDR Edge Service AMI {ap-northeast-3}
Bahrain me-south-1 ami-0113cc9265e3a1acb VDR Edge Service AMI {ap-northeast-3}


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