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Finding, Filtering, and Sorting Assets

This article describes how to find desired assets in the Websites, Servers, and Auto Discovery views using the filters and search field.

From the Websites, Servers, or Auto Discovery view of Secureworks® Taegis™ VDR, use the free-form search field and an extensive set of filters to easily find and sort assets based on their characteristics.

All views present a list of filters with checkboxes on the left side, a search field at the top of the view, and a list of assets.

Assets are presented with their associated tags. The dark-grey tags correspond to user-defined tags in Secureworks® Taegis™ VDR (see Creating New Tags); the light-grey tags correspond to auto-tags that were automatically applied based on asset characteristics (using a tooltip to describe the type of tags, such as Edge Service name, response code, known responses, etc.).

Using the Search Field from the Websites, Servers, or Auto Discovery View

At the top of each of the views, the free-form search field allows you to find assets by URL (Websites) and IP/Hostname (Servers). The search query will trigger as soon as three or more characters are typed in.

You can use basic search terms, but a more complete search grammar supporting Advanced Search Queries is also supported.

Using Filters

On the left side of each of the views, use a combination of filters to better refine the assets displayed.

When making selections in different filter sections, filtering will be exclusive: assets must match both filters to be displayed. Selections in the same filter section are additive: assets matching at least one of the filters will be displayed.

Websites View Filters

Servers View Filters


To simplify finding newly discovered assets, you can filter by creation date or filter by "auto-discovered" assets using the filters given on the left.

Auto Discovery View Filters

Using Columns to Sort Assets

At the top of the list of assets in the Websites and Servers views, select certain column headings to sort the list in ascending or descending order based on the specific column value.


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