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Supported Connectors

automation connectors


Each connector has built-in documentation that outlines the requirements for the connector type. Select Documentation from a connector or configured connection in XDR to open this in a new tab.

Taegis™ XDR supports numerous integrations, including but not limited to:

Ticketing Systems

Vendor Product Version Description
4me ITSM 1 Integration with 4me
Atlassian Jira Integration with Atlassian Jira Cloud or Jira Server
Freshworks Freshdesk 2.0 Integration to support creating and querying tickets within Freshdesk
Freshworks Freshservice Integration to support creating and querying tickets within Freshservice
Halo ITSM 2.68.3 Integration to support creating, updating and querying tickets within Halo ITSM
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Can be used to create, update, search and delete requests in ManageEngine Service Desk Plus
ServiceNow ITSM Integration with ServiceNow
ServiceNow ITSM Integration with ServiceNow Users
Zendesk Suite 2.0 Integration to support creating and querying tickets within Zendesk Suite

Messaging and Email

Vendor Product Version Description
Google Gmail API Integration with Google Gmail API
Google Workspace Chat Webhook Google Workspace Chat Webhook connector
Mattermost Integration with the Mattermost platform
Microsoft Teams Send messages to Microsoft Teams
Salesforce Slack Integration with Slack
Twilio API Integration with the Twilio API

Alert Management

Vendor Product Version Description
Atlassian Opsgenie Integration with Atlassian Opsgenie which will support one-way synchronization of Taegis™ XDR Investigations as well as High & Critical alerts into Opsgenie alerts or incidents
Claroty xDome 1 Integration with Claroty
EverBridge EverBridge Suite Integration with EverBridge
PagerDuty On-Call Management Integration with PagerDuty
SCADAfence Platform Integration with SCADAfence Platform

Response Actions

Vendor Product Version Description
Amazon Web Services Identity and Access Management Integration with Amazon Web Services support to take actions on Identity and Access Management users
Amazon Web Services WAFV2 Integration with Amazon Web Services WAFV2
Cisco Meraki API Version V1 Integration to support interaction with Cisco Meraki
CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection Integration with CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection
Google Workspace Admin SDK API v1 Integration with Google Workspace Admin SDK API
LDAP LDAP 1.0 Integration for Microsoft Active Directory(AD) / AWS Directory Service /Lightweight Directory Access Protocol(LDAP) using LDAP(S) Protocol
Microsoft Defender ATP Integration with Microsoft Defender ATP
Microsoft Graph API 1.0 Integration with the Microsoft Graph API
Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR Integration with Palo Alto Networks’ Cortex XSOAR
Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS 9.1 - 10.2 Integration to interact with Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS stand-alone or Panorama firewall
Secureworks iSensor Integration with Secureworks iSensor
Secureworks Red Cloak
SentinelOne Integration with SentinelOne
VMWare Carbon Black Cloud Integration with VMWare’s Carbon Black Cloud
VMWare Carbon Black EDR Integration with VMWare’s Carbon Black EDR

Data Enrichment

Vendor Product Version Description
GitLab API v4 Integration to support fetching files from Gitlab
JupiterOne API Enables JupiterOne API enrichment functions
Microfocus SMAX 2022.05 Integration with Microfocus SMAX
Microsoft Azure OpenAI Integration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI
OpenAI API Integration with OpenAI API


Vendor Product Version Description
Generic Fetch A generic connector to fetch a document
Generic Webhook A generic webhook connector


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