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Taegis™ macOS Agent Troubleshooting

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This document provides guidance on initial agent troubleshooting steps you can take and information you can gather prior to reaching out to Secureworks support for assistance with agent issues.


Additional Taegis™ Agent troubleshooting, tutorial, and informational articles are available in the Secureworks Knowledge Base.


The new Diagnostics functionality released with version 1.4.9 provides two operations:

To access and use Diagnostics via the preferred method of the agent UI:

  1. Select the Taegis™ icon from the menu bar and choose Open Secureworks Taegis.

Open Secureworks Taegis

Open Secureworks Taegis

  1. From the left navigation menu of the app, choose Diagnostics.
  2. From either the Collect Information or Troubleshoot sections, select Run.

Run Diagnostics

Run Diagnostics

Diagnostics can also be run from the command-line program located at /Applications/SecureworksTaegis.app/Contents/bin/taegisctl and must be run with sudo privileges.

Connectivity Issues


Auto Upgrade Failures

Performance Issues

In order to troubleshoot performance issues like CPU, memory spike, and application crashing, provide Secureworks support the following information and logs. If the log files are too large, ask Secureworks for a file share link to upload the logs.

Provide the following Information

Service Not Starting

Open up the Console app to view any available crash reports from the agent (filter for secureworks). Additionally the crash file is available under /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports.



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