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Taegis™ Windows Agent Troubleshooting

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This document provides guidance on initial agent troubleshooting steps you can take and information you can gather prior to reaching out to Secureworks support for assistance with agent issues.


Additional Taegis™ Agent troubleshooting, tutorial, and informational articles are available in the Secureworks Knowledge Base.

Support Kit

The Windows Support Kit tool comes packaged with the agent MSI download to help with troubleshooting. Run the TaegisAgentSupportKit.x64 tool located at %Program Files%\SecureWorks\Taegis Agent with any of the following arguments after installation:


For Windows Taegis™ Endpoint Agents version 1.0.40 and later, arguments are case insensitive and the - is optional.

Support Kit Argument Description
-agent Shows Tenant ID and Host ID values after connection is established
-antivirus Shows Name, State, Status, Path, and Timestamp values for the local antivirus product
-connection Shows Connection and Isolation status
-cpu* Shows Running Processes and Processors status
-fingerprint Shows BIOS Serial, Device UUID, First Disk Serial, System Volume Serial, and Machine GUID* regardless of connection status
-logfile Shows the 15 most recent Taegis records in both the Application and System logs for each of the following record types: Error, Warning, and Information
-server Shows Registration URL
-service Shows Service Name, Display Name, Service PID, and Service State for the Taegis Service
-stats Shows all results from the preceding arguments except for -logfile and -cpu*
-all Shows all results from the preceding arguments
-help Shows the tool's usage menu
-usage Shows the tool's usage menu
<no argument> Shows the tool's usage menu
<several arguments> Alerts the user that they can only have one argument; shows the tool's usage menu
<invalid argument> Alerts the user that the argument they entered is invalid; shows the tool's usage menu

Arguments and output marked with * are available for Windows Taegis™ Endpoint Agents version 1.0.40 and later.


The following will show connection and isolation status: C:\Program Files\Secureworks\Taegis Agent> TaegisAgentSupportKit.x64 -connection

Connectivity Issues


Auto Upgrade Failures

Performance Issues

In order to troubleshoot performance issues like CPU, memory spike, blue screen of death (BSoD), and application crashing, provide Secureworks support the following information and logs. If the log files are too large, ask Secureworks for a file share link to upload the logs.

Provide the following Information

Service Not Starting

Check logs from Event Viewer; get TaegisUser.log from %ProgramData%\SecureWorks\TaegisAgent.



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