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XDR Remote Training

Professional Services Remote Training Administrator Training Analyst Training Custom Parser Training Advanced Search & Reporting Training Scenario Based Training

Service Overview

While Secureworks provides a wealth of self-directed training, we know that some of our customers prefer, or learn best from, live hands-on personal training. In these occasions, our Secureworks® Professional Services team is here to help you achieve your Secureworks® Taegis™ education goals and mentor you at your pace, based on your level of knowledge and expertise. Our training sessions are extremely valuable both during your initial adoption of Taegis to accelerate time to value, and during steady state operations when business activities affecting people, process, or technology can affect your Taegis deployment.

There are currently five instructor-led remote training options available for Secureworks® Taegis™ XDR:

All of our training packages also include up to four hours of Taegis consultancy to provide recommendations and help enable new features and functionality in your XDR tenant to strengthen your security posture or streamline your operational processes.

Taegis Remote Training Offering

Our training offering currently consists of the following elements:

And a choice of two of the following training sessions:

Or one of the following training sessions:

Remote Training Curriculums

As Taegis continues to evolve, so do our training options. The following sections provide examples of the course structures that we currently provide, but can change based on new Taegis features and functionality.

XDR Administrator Training

The XDR Administrator Training Session is designed to ensure that new customers and new operatives of the XDR application are informed and able to successfully conduct the onboarding of integrations and maximize functionality usage to expedite return on investment.

XDR Analyst Training

The XDR Analyst Training Session is designed to provide new security personnel with insight of events, alerts, and investigations, and recommendations on how to handle them. For existing customers, these sessions also prove valuable to refresh existing understanding and insight into new features provided to benefit security investigations.

XDR Custom Integration Training

While our consultants can build custom parsers for you, we also know that organizations want to be able to develop and hone these abilities themselves. The Custom Integration training sessions are designed to give you insight into how to build custom integrations and ensure that your resources are given the knowledge they need.

XDR Advanced Search & Reporting Training

With the Taegis 12-month data retention capability, multiple teams within organizations, including analysts, auditors, and managers, can benefit from the information held within XDR. The chief method of interrogating this data is via the Advanced Search function and these training sessions are aimed at ensuring that your operatives are equipped with the knowledge they need to find and use the data quickly and efficiently.

As an addition to this session, we will also host a two-hour session to assist you with in-platform report creation using the Advanced Search function.

XDR Scenario Based Training

These sessions provide an interactive training workshop that focuses on learning how to effectively consume data and information stored within XDR. Each customized session is designed to address challenges experienced by your security personnel through interactive discussion and execution of activities utilizing real data within your tenant to demonstrate the following:

Scheduling and Booking Information

To find out more or to book an XDR training session, contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager.


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