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Secureworks® Subprocessors for Taegis™ XDR, ManagedXDR, VDR, and Security Risk Consulting Services


Last Modified: September 2023

Secureworks engages third-party contractors to carry out various subcontracted activities and provide certain services on its behalf. Those Subcontractors who may process customer personal data (Subprocessors) are listed below. Secureworks has adequate data processing agreements and data transfer mechanisms in place with each relevant Subprocessor, as required by applicable data protection laws and as appropriate to ensure safeguarding of the relevant personal data.

This document provides details of the Subprocessors used by Secureworks when acting as a processor on behalf of its customers. Section one sets out details of third party suppliers and section two sets out details of Secureworks affiliates that act as Subprocessors. The Subprocessors in bold green represent additions to the list as of September 2023.

1. Subprocessors — Third Party Suppliers

Taegis™ XDR, Taegis™ ManagedXDR, Taegis™ VDR

Secureworks has appointed a number of third party suppliers to act as its Subprocessors in the delivery of Taegis™ products and services. These include:

Entity Name Service Description Processing Location
Amazon Web Services Inc (“AWS”) Cloud hosting services United States//Canada*/Germany**
Auth0 Inc Identity Access United States
Carbon Black Inc (VMware Inc) Advanced endpoint threat detection United States
Microsoft (OpenAI) Artificial intelligence to produce automated key findings, recommended remediation and improved detections United States
Spark Cognition Next-Generation Antivirus United States
USC Logistics Hardware refurbishments United States
Zendesk Support tool United States

*Canada AWS location only used for VDR

**Germany AWS location only applicable when European SKU is selected for data storage by customer

Security Risk Consulting Services

Secureworks contracts with a number of third-party consulting companies in the course of providing Security Risk Consulting services to customers. These companies augment Secureworks’ internal consulting resources to assist Secureworks in the provision of services depending on the nature and location of the engagement.

Entity Name Processing Location
Alexsta Cybersecurity AG EMEA
Alku Technologies United States
Apex Systems Inc United States
Aprio Consulting (formerly Syzygy Solutions LLC) United States
Benjamin Mosse Consulting Pty Ltd Australia/New Zealand
Covert Bit Forensics SRA United States
CS3 Security Consulting Ltd. United States/EMEA
David J Peck and Associates LLC United States
GDH Consulting Inc United States
Gray Analytics United States
Insight Direct USA United States
KLDiscovery Ontrack LLC United States/EMEA/Australia/Japan
Levi Ray & Shoup Inc United States
Logical Resources Sales Recruitment Pty Australia/New Zealand
Mad Security LLC United States
ManpowerGroup Co Ltd Japan
Martin Max Lindner United States
Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions Inc Japan
New Anderton LLC EMEA
Recruit Staffing Co LTD Japan
Spybyte LLC United States
Stratigos Security LLC United States/Canada/EMEA
Von Consulting SRL EMEA

Other third parties utilized during SRC engagement execution:

Entity Name Processing Location
Amazon Web Services Inc (Cloud hosting services) United States
Microsoft Corp (Office 365 for engagement management activities) United States
VMware Inc (Horizon for desktop virtualization) United States

2. Subprocessors — Secureworks Affiliates

Secureworks may appoint the affiliates listed below to provide personnel in connection with the supply of Taegis™ Products, Security Risk Consulting, Threat Intelligence, Incident Management, Residency and Managed Services to our customers:

Entity Name Processing Location
Secureworks, Inc. United States
SecureWorks Australia Pty. Ltd. Australia
SecureWorks Europe S.R.L. Romania
SecureWorks Europe Limited United Kingdom
Secureworks Japan K.K. Japan
Secureworks SAS France
SecureWorks Private India Limited India
Secureworks Software Canada ULC Canada

Secureworks reserves the right to add or replace subprocessors to sections one and/or two of this list as required in connection with the provision of services. Per the terms of your agreement with Secureworks, you have the right to object to the addition of a Subprocessor on reasonable, objective and substantive grounds within the time period specified in your contract. If you do not object within the timeline specified, you will be deemed to have accepted the changes made to the list. If you have any questions or concerns please contact privacy@secureworks.com.


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