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Taegis™ Agent Beta Release Channel

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The Beta release channel provides you with early access to new agent enhancements, features, and fixes; the ability to test, evaluate, and provide feedback early in the development process; and the opportunity to contribute to bug reporting and issue resolution.

This channel is recommended for <1% of overall estate, in non-production environments only, varied across OS/configurations.

The following sections provide more details on the benefits and recommended uses of the Beta release channel.


For more information on release channels and creating or modifying groups, see Group Configuration.

Early Access

Enrolling agents in the Beta channel provides you with early access to upcoming features, functionalities, enhancements, and fixes before they are promoted to Preview and Stable channels. This allows you to test these new capabilities early in the development process and provide feedback and suggestions.

Testing, Evaluating, and Providing Feedback

The Beta agent is specifically for testing purposes and should only be used in non-production environments. The primary purpose of providing the Beta channel is to gather valuable feedback and insights from our customers.

We encourage you to thoroughly test the Beta releases in non-production environments to evaluate compatibility and performance.

Customer feedback helps us to identify and address potential issues in their environments early in the development process, ensuring a smooth and stable experience.

Feedback can be provided via the usual chat or ticket methods.

Bug Reporting

During the beta testing phase, we rely on our customers to report bugs to identify and resolve any issues. We understand that different customer environments may have unique combinations and edge cases that require special attention. Reporting bugs encountered with the Beta agent helps us identify and resolve issues, especially those found in unique customer environments.

Reporting bugs can be done via the usual chat or ticket methods.


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