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XDR Onboarding & Enablement Services

Professional Services Onboarding Enablement Transition

Service Overview

While it is possible to implement Secureworks® Taegis™ XDR with minimal support, there are occasions when assistance may be desired. Resource constraints, aggressive implementation timelines, and deeper understanding of the Secureworks® Taegis™ platform are all areas that our Secureworks® Professional Services onboarding & enablement engagements can help. They are designed to give you the support, education, confidence, and XDR expert capabilities to accelerate your timelines and maximize the value of your XDR investment.

Our implementation engagements are split into two key areas:

Onboarding & Enablement Offerings

Onboarding engagements are smaller in scope and work effort and include a mix of time-bound and outcome-based bundles that fit typical customers without the need for technical and process customization. We find that many customers appreciate the benefits of additional support, education, and tenant configurations that expedite adoption and return from their new security investment.

We currently provide two options to support your onboarding journey as described in the following table.

Activity Taegis Enablement Core Taegis Enablement Plus Description
Discovery Session Yes Yes Confirm and provide prioritization for asset and API integrations, identify best practice locations for data collectors, and understand who will be interacting with the Taegis platform
Taegis Administrator Training Yes Yes Aids in expediting your administrators’ familiarization with Taegis to accelerate integrations and data ingestion
Taegis Analyst Training Yes Yes Explains how to confidently utilize events, alerts, and investigations in the platform
Standard Taegis Playbook Deployment Yes (Up to 3 playbooks) Yes (Up to 8 Playbooks) Explores automation capabilities to create and deploy playbooks aligned to your core integrations
Custom Alert Rule Creation Yes (Up to 5 rules) Yes (Up to 12 rules) Learn how to create rules to satisfy business-oriented security monitoring use cases
Proactive Response Enablement Yes Yes Select from a variety of available proactive response actions such as blocking a host or disabling a user
Report Creation (using Taegis Search) -- Yes (Up to 3 Reports) Operational report creation using Advanced Search and widget functions
Dedicated Project Manager -- Yes (Up to 12 Hours) Taegis Enablement Plus includes up to 12 hours of project management to help you plan and govern your Taegis deployment efficiently, reducing time to value
Taegis Enablement Assistance 10 Hours to use for the following options: 30 Hours to use for the following options: Alloted hours to use for the following remaining options
Data Collector Deployment Assistance Yes Yes Let us help you identify the best locations and utilize best practices when deploying your cloud or on-premise data collectors
Data Source & Cloud Integration Support Yes Yes Receive assistance, guidance, and advice on which data sources and cloud services to integrate and how
Taegis Agent Deployment Support Yes Yes Assistance and guidance on how to test, deploy, and maintain your Taegis agents deployed across your environment
New Data Source Data Validation Yes Yes Be confident that events and alerts from your data sources are arriving and being parsed as expected
Auto Investigation Creation Yes Yes Creation of templated investigations that will be created when Medium severity or Custom Alerts are detected
iSensor Configurations Yes Yes Guidance on setting up your Taegis iSensor IPS technology
Taegis API Support & Guidance -- Yes Utilize expansive Taegis API capabilities for additional reporting, visualization, or business tool integration
Additional Taegis Playbook Deployment -- Yes Expanded creation and deployment of playbooks using automation capabilities
Additional Custom Rule Creation -- Yes Expanded creation of custom rules to meet more use cases
Taegis Custom Parser Training -- Yes Covers how data from unsupported data sources can be ingested, parsed, and used by Taegis
Scenario-Based Training -- Yes Reinforces newly-gained Taegis knowledge and tests your staff to demonstrate their use of searches, alerts, and investigations with MITRE ATT&CK-aligned scenarios
Advanced Search Training -- Yes Dive deeper into the advanced searching capabilities and learn how to fully exploit your stored event and alert data
Taegis VDR Administrator Training -- Yes Understand how to maximize your VDR investment with function and feature education, along with best practice approaches and recommendations
Taegis VDR Configuration Support -- Yes Delivers guidance on initial configuration for key functionality such as scanner deployment, team and tag creation, authenticated scanning, and prioritization and reporting

Both options also provide project closure and transition to your assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM).

While these engagements have been designed to provide broad and insightful guidance on Taegis adoption, larger or more transformation-ambitious customers may prefer a more customized experience. In these instances, we can scope and provide custom engagements to meet your onboarding and enablement needs.

Transition Offerings

Transition engagements are designed for our customers who are undertaking a more complex transition involving a higher degree of customer SOC transformation, as well as technical integration and customization. Typically, these engagements consist of greater workstreams, customization, use-case transitioning, and governance.

Due to these reasons, project scoping is generally required to ensure that your requirements and outcomes are achieved.

Scheduling and Booking Information

To find out more or to book a XDR Onboarding & Enablement offering, contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager.


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