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XDR Custom Data Source Integration

Professional Services Custom Data Source Integration Custom Parser Service

Service Overview

Secureworks will assist you with integrating the identified data source into Secureworks® Taegis™ XDR, thus enhancing the value of the information (data outputs) from XDR for your unique needs. The service includes the following:

Service Methodology


A Secureworks consultant will work with you to define objectives and deliverables for the Service. Both you and Secureworks will review the high-level requirements for delivering the Service (including reviewing the questionnaire that was completed during the Sales process), introduce key personnel, designate respective POCs, and establish communication channels. This phase includes the following activities:

Design and Implementation

Secureworks will document the design requirements that will enable successful Integration with XDR. This phase includes the following activities:

Quality Evaluation and Wrap-Up

Secureworks will evaluate the Integration through sampling, review of steps completed during the DCI Integration, and/or automated techniques, and address defects observed by Customer and Secureworks. Elements to evaluate, as related to the design specifications, include the following:

Provided that the quality checks are completed satisfactorily, the Integration documentation will be completed and provided to customer. This document will contain:

Within two weeks after the engagement has completed, Secureworks will provide an engagement PDF containing the following:


Scheduling and Booking Information

To find out more or to book a Custom Integration, contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager.


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