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Add AWS Lambda Trigger

cloud lambda amazon aws

  1. Log in to the AWS Console for the region (e.g., https://us-east-1.console.aws.amazon.com/lambda) with an account that has permissions to create roles, lambdas, secrets, and policies, or using a role that can assume another role with these permissions.

  2. Locate the new Lambda by name. The default name is {STACKNAME}-scwx-tdr-lambda-{INTEGRATIONTYPE}. For example: ct-demo-scwx-tdr-lambda-awscloudtrail.

  3. Click on the Lambda name. The edit page for that Lambda displays.

  4. Expand the Function overview section if necessary.

Lambda Function Overview

Lambda Function Overview

  1. Click on Add trigger.

  2. In the Trigger Configuration editor, select the drop down menu and choose S3. Optionally, use an SNS trigger configured with a previously created topic.

  3. From the Bucket options, find the bucket containing the the data source (e.g. CloudTrail) logs and select it.

  4. From the Event Type options, choose All Object Create Events.

  5. In the prefix field, enter the bucket prefix where the data source logs are located. Leave this blank if no prefix is used.

  6. Leave the suffix field blank.

  7. Check the following box to acknowledge the cost impact of a Lambda function.

  8. Choose Add. The configuration page for that lambda displays again. A message displays at the top indicating adding a trigger was successful.

Lambda Trigger Added

Lambda Trigger Added

  1. The Lambda funtion is now receiving events from the trigger.