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Taegis™ Magic Jupyter Integration

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Taegis™ Magic Jupyter Integration provides a Command Line Interface (CLI) to the Taegis™ XDR application as an alternative to using the XDR UI to complete security activities.

Using Taegis™ Magic Jupyter Integration enables you to complete actions that require multiple clicks and navigating several pages in the XDR UI via a single command line interaction.

In addition to the CLI interaction, Taegis™ Magic Jupyter Integration also supports queries to be submitted via Jupyter Notebooks and Pandas DataFrames. This provides you a powerful programming environment to build functionality and lends itself to data science and data analysis activities.

Without the restrictions of the UI, Taegis™ Magic Jupyter Integration enables a more straightforward repetition of this type of analysis within the application, and lends itself to the building and management of further integrations between Taegis™ and local systems.

If you wish to get started with Taegis™ Magic Jupyter Integration please access this feature from one of two repositories:


The Secureworks GitHub repository contains a README document on the home page, and can be accessed directly at Taegis Magic README.

The README includes links to sample commands and how to access the interactive help within the command line interface.

Explore these pages to see template use cases and some example uses of Taegis™ Magic Jupyter Integration.

The documentation includes setup information as well as a Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct document that all users should read and understand when using this service.

Taegis™ Magic Use Case

Find an example of what can be accomplished with the Taegis™ Magic integration in the Help Center in the following article: How To: Bulk Upload Network Ranges With Taegis Magic.


Taegis™ Magic Jupyter Integration operates as a full open-source project.

Escalate questions and requests that arise while using the Taegis™ Magic Jupyter Integration functionality via an Issue within GitHub. For more information on creating an issue, see How to Contribute to Taegis™ Magic.

As Taegis™ Magic Jupyter Integration is open source, it is important to create a community of users to share successes and issues within the platform and to inspire and assist other users. In doing so we will build out a powerful knowledge base of information over time that can be used to inform further development of the Taegis™ Magic Jupyter Integration project.


Do not raise support requests for Taegis™ Magic Jupyter Integration via chat, email, calls, or tickets to the Secureworks support teams.

We ask that contributors follow the pathway described in the Contribute doc to share experiences and issues to evolve a community environment where these experiences can help inform Taegis™ customers around the world.


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