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In-app notifications and email notifications are updates about activity in your Secureworks® Taegis™ XDR tenant. Any updates relevant to your tenant are displayed, such as if you’ve been made the assignee of an investigation or if you’ve been mentioned in an investigation. There are two categories of notifications:


By default you will receive both group and individual in-app notifications.

In-App Notifications

A red dot over the bell icon indicates that there are unread notifications waiting for you.



Select the bell icon to display the notifications. Click on a notification to navigate to the update.

Notifications Panel

Notifications Panel

Email Notifications

Email notifications are sent when you or your organization are made the assignee of an Investigation or @mentioned within a comment.


By default you will receive both group and individual email notifications. To edit which notifications you receive, see Notification Preferences.

Awaiting Action

Awaiting Action Email

Mentioned in a Comment

Mentioned in a Comment Email

Mark a Notification as Read

Select the Mark all as read button to mark all the notifications as read. To mark an individual notification as read, choose the badge icon for the notification.

Mark Notifications As Read

Mark Notifications As Read


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