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Secureworks Professional Services

Professional Services Onboarding Custom parsers training Custom rules


Secureworks® Professional Services are here to help you realize the full potential from your Secureworks® Taegis™ XDR investment. All of our services have been designed to ensure that you can deploy faster, optimize quicker, and accelerate your time to value.

Services Provided by Professional Services

Our Professional Services engagements cover the following areas:

Onboarding & Implementation Services

Onboarding Engagements

Onboarding Engagements are generally smaller in scope and work effort and include outcomes that fit typical customer needs around technical and process deployment. These engagements fit all but our largest or most transformation-ambitious customers.

Transition Engagements

Transition Engagements are designed for customers who are undertaking a more complex transition involving a high degree of customer-side process and documentation transformation, as well as technical integration and customization. Typically, these engagements require more workstreams, more customization, and more use-case transitioning than Onboarding Engagements, and require a higher degree of project management.


Check out Onboarding & Enablement Services for more details.

Education & Enablement Services

Education is an important step in new technology adoption, as competent resources typically utilize more functionality expediting return on investment. To ensure that your adoption of XDR is as rapid as possible, our Professional Services team provides a number of curriculum options to guide and mentor you at your pace, based on your level of knowledge and expertise.

We believe that platform education doesn't stop there. Business changes, such as staff turnover or new business acquisitions, coupled with new XDR features or functionality, can require additional training. Professional Services can provide custom outcomes to meet these needs.

Role-Based Training

We can provide you with live hands-on training on how to execute a role as either an XDR Administrator or an Analyst. For these roles, we have a pre-built curriculum. On the other hand, many of our customers have a wide range of skills, and a very wide range of roles specific to their organization, which may not perfectly fit into our notion of what an Analyst or Administrator does day to day. Consequently, we can also work with you to develop a custom training session to fit your needs. The scope of custom training should be to address any obstacle you have that is hindering you in any way from getting the maximum value from XDR.

Skills-Based Training

We can train you on a variety of XDR-specific or -related skills. Examples of our most requested training sessions are:

If you are having difficulty with any part of XDR, we can assist with hands-on training and tutorials.

Scenario-Based Training

We can facilitate an interactive workshop consisting of fictional attack scenarios based on current real-world threats that are aligned to tactics and techniques from the MITRE ATT&CK framework. To ensure that new learned skills and knowledge are appropriate for steady state operations, we will use your instance of XDR to execute activities during the session.

During this session, you will learn to effectively use XDR to do the following:


See Remote Training for more details.

Optimization & Enhancement Services

Custom Parser Creation

During initial implementation or when steady state changes dictate, you may want to integrate technology that is not currently supported by XDR. Our highly skilled team can design and build custom parsers to meet our best-practice standards that will ensure maximum usage of the data from your unsupported integration.


See Custom Data Source Integration for more details.

Custom Automation Creation

Automation is key in streamlining and optimizing any Security Operations Center. XDR has an expanding library of automations designed to provide efficiencies in alert and investigation notifications and enrichment along with proactive actions that can be conducted by your security controls. In these instances, we can support the configuration and deployment of these automations.

For those instances where an existing automation doesn’t exist, our Professional Services team can design, create, deploy, and support custom automations to meet your individual use cases.

Custom Rule Creation

XDR has the ability to create custom alert rules to support your security use cases or suppression rules to reduce unnecessary alerts or noise generated by business tools and services. Our Professional Services team can reduce the analysis and creation time for custom rules and ensure that they utilize optimal automation capabilities for notification.


See Custom Rule Creation Service for more details.

XDR Health Check

No operating model remains static over time. People, business environments, technology, and threats change. Due to these fluctuations, you will want to understand how well you are leveraging your XDR investment and how your automated processes, reporting outcomes, and integrated technologies are performing.

Our XDR Health Check service has been designed to analyze and determine how these key elements of your tenant are functioning and provide tactical recommendations to drive immediate improvement. Our XDR Health Check also includes a number of hours with our Professional Services consultants to integrate the recommendations made within the report to ensure that your tenant is providing greater benefits than before.


See XDR Health Check for more details.


Often our customers want to utilize the data in XDR in external platforms where they can combine additional business data for insight or reporting. In these scenarios, our expansive XDR APIs are queried by the receiving platform or via the XDR Python SDK, and our Professional Services team is on hand to support. Whether it be general support and guidance in working with GraphQL or creating custom reports in tools such as PowerBI, we can aid in their creation, helping you realize your goals sooner.

Migration & Expansion Services

We know that technology and business environments can change, impacting your security monitoring and overall security posture. Migration to different technology environments, mergers and acquisitions performed by the business, and introduction of new services all have an impact on your security operating model. In these instances we can work with you to understand the impact on your security monitoring and how gaps introduced by the changes can be addressed.

Custom Engagements

Although we provide a number of defined services that we believe provide the right outcomes for many of our customers, we also know that some customers require outcomes that are not within our listed services. This is where our custom retainer services can help. In these instances, we will listen to your requirements and scope an engagement aligned to your custom outcomes. For more information on our custom services, contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager.

Scheduling and Booking Information

To find out more or to book a Professional Services engagement, contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager.


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