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Link Secureworks as a Microsoft Partner

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Linking Secureworks as a Solution Provider for Security is an optional process that enables Microsoft to better understand what customers Secureworks is enabling to achieve their security goals and realize the value of the Microsoft ecosystem. This allows Secureworks better access to Microsoft as a partner, enabling us to provide you, our customer, with better products and services. If you have successfully added access to your Azure environment to allow Secureworks to help enable your business through improved security, we would appreciate if you would additionally add us as a partner link to show that this is in place.

To link Secureworks as a partner, folllow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Link to a partner ID in the Azure Portal.
  2. Use a user with eligible roles or permissions, see Roles and Permissions Required to Receive Credit.
  3. In the Microsoft Partner ID box, enter the value 4834104
  1. Click on the Link a partner ID button to complete the process.