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ProcessModule Schema



Base event

Field Type Label Description
resource_id string Full resource string identifying the record
tenant_id string The ID of the tenant that owns this specific to CTPX ID
visibility Visibility Constraints on visibility of the record
normalizer string Name & version of normalizer that created this record
sensor_type string Ex: redcloak,iSensor
sensor_event_id string Event ID of original_data assigned by the sensor
sensor_tenant string Ex: redloak-domain, ctp-client-id
sensor_id string Ex: redcloak-agent-id, iSensor Dev IP
sensor_cpe string CPE of the platform producing the alert. Ex: cpe:2.3:a:secureworks:redcloak::::::::
original_data string Original, unadulterated data prior to any transformation.
event_time_usec uint64 Event time in microseconds (µs)
ingest_time_usec uint64 Ingest time in microseconds (µs).
event_time_fidelity TimeFidelity Specifies the original precision of the time used to populate event_time_usec
host_id string Host ID -- uniquely identifies the host where the event originated. e.g. IPv(4/6) address; Device Mac Address
sensor_version string The agent version as string.
normalizer_version string The normalizer version (git tag)
normalizer_revision string The normalizer revision (git commit hash)
process_id string hosting process' ID
base_address uint64 memory address where the module is loaded
file FileInfo file backing the module, if any
process_create_time_usec uint64 Create time of process that modified the file in µs
commandline string Full command line of process that made the file modification
process_correlation_id string Process correlation ID to protect against rolling IDs redcloak -- host_id:id.pid:id.time_window
module_action string Action of the module load
process_username string User name of the process
process_account_name string Account name of the process
prcess_windows_sid string Windows SID, if any
process_file FileInfo Process file, if any
parent_process_id string Parent process ID
parent_create_time_usec uint64 Create time of parent process
parent_process_file FileInfo Parent process file, if any
sensor_action string Sensor Action
pivot string primary hunting pivot point of the data for grouping


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