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Set Up Data Collectors

XDR can acquire telemetry from a variety of popular security controls. Data collectors are available to receive and transport telemetry to the XDR data lake.

XDR allows unlimited data collectors to acquire telemetry and logs from traditional security controls, which can be deployed to popular virtualization platforms and IaaS clouds.

Consider the following when determining collector quantity and placement:

  • Collectors can process 200,000 events per second (EPS) under ideal conditions (adequate compute, storage, and bandwidth resources).
  • Consider geographical locations and bandwidth concerns when determining placement.
  • We recommend deploying collectors as close to the data source as possible. Make sure that there are sufficient network permissions to guarantee that data sources' log traffic reaches the collector.

Common Data Collectors




Review the following guides for integration of common data collectors:

Manage Data Collectors

To learn more about managing data collectors, see the following guide: