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CTU™ Countermeasures

Your subscription to XDR includes access to Secureworks CTU countermeasures. The CTU Countermeasures consist of high-fidelity, high-priority Rulesets that can be deployed to Snort-based sensors and Suricata-based sensors. Countermeasures can be downloaded via the API or by using the CTU Countermeasures download utility within XDR.

Learn more about deploying CTU Countermeasures by visiting the following guide:

Threat Intelligence

Secureworks Threat Intelligence is a core component of Taegis™ XDR and is included as part of XDR subscriptions. Our expert team of 70+ Counter Threat Unit researchers uses a wide variety of commercial and proprietary toolsets to analyze, synthesize, validate, and produce threat intelligence. In addition, our CTU and Incident Response teams have deep integrations that allow us to extract intelligence from our over 1,000 incident response and targeted threat hunting engagements each year. This intelligence is then automatically correlated against your telemetry to ensure you are protected from the latest threats and adversary behaviors.

Visit the following resources to learn more about Threat Intelligence: