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Achieve 40% Deployment Milestone


The 40% milestone requirement only applies to ManagedXDR and ManagedXDR Elite customers.

Once you’ve achieved 40% deployment, you may qualify to enter the Steady State stage. Until this minimum milestone is met, Secureworks analysts do not proactively review your company’s data. Work with your Onboarding Specialist/Customer Support Manager to determine when your team is ready to enter Steady State.

While Secureworks considers endpoint agent onboarding complete after 40% deployment, we highly recommend that you deploy the Red Cloak™ Endpoint Agent or other supported endpoint agent on all licensed assets to maximize the effectiveness of the ManagedXDR service. Your organization should acknowledge that ManagedXDR service will have reduced service capabilities for your environment until the endpoint agent is fully deployed.

For those assets that do not have an endpoint agent deployed, ManagedXDR cannot complete critical tasks, including but not limited to:

Capability Limitation (without the endpoint agent deployed on the asset)
Threat Detection and Investigations Asset cannot be monitored and threats cannot be detected or investigated
Threat Response Actions Response actions cannot be performed on the asset
Threat Hunting Data from the asset cannot be included in telemetry for threat hunting
Remote Incident Response No analysis or response recommendations will be available
Threat Intelligence Data from the asset cannot be analyzed against our Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU™) threat intelligence