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Integrate Taegis NGAV

Taegis™ Next-Gen Anti-Virus (NGAV) is an optional add-on to XDR and ManagedXDR that adds advanced endpoint prevention to the detection, investigation, and response capabilities of XDR and ManagedXDR.

The NGAV agent add-on license provides you access to the Taegis NGAV Management Console for all agent management capabilities: configuring security policies, deploying the NGAV Agent, and reviewing agent status.

Before You Integrate

The Taegis™ XDR NGAV agent must be deployed after the Red Cloak™ Endpoint Agent.

Integration Instructions

Review the instructions below to complete Taegis NGAV integration.

Need Help?

If you need help with deployment of Taegis™ NGAV, see the Taegis™ NGAV FAQ or use the XDR Chat Support.