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To help you navigate XDR, this section provides an overview of Dashboards, Proactive Response, and settings.

Dashboards Overview

ManagedXDR and ManagedXDR Elite customers are provided access to the Alert Triage Dashboard and the ManagedXDR Dashboard.

  • The Alert Triage Dashboard displays an overview of the current state of your network, providing a summary of the kind of activity seen, the actions taken by Secureworks analysts, and what potential threats may exist. This is where our Security Analysis, or SecOps, team partners with you to vet alerts and create investigations when there are High or Critical alerts that need deeper analysis.

  • The ManagedXDR Dashboard helps security managers visualize the value that Secureworks provides, whether for your own monitoring, or for reporting back to your company stakeholders. Note that only Tenant Administrators have visibility into the ManagedXDR Dashboard. ManagedXDR Elite customers also see a summary of their Threat Hunting Engagements on their ManagedXDR Dashboard.

Proactive Response

By default, Secureworks does not take response actions without your explicit consent. If there is an incident and our analysts can't reach you for approval, the bad actor can potentially be left to create havoc in your environment. To avoid this scenario, we recommend that you authorize Proactive Response Actions.

By configuring connectors and playbooks and then authorizing Proactive Response Actions, you can pre-authorize us to isolate specific hosts, reset passwords, block traffic, or take other available response actions without having to wait for your approval. Learn more about creating connectors and playbooks and authorizing Proactive Response Actions in XDR by reviewing the following documentation and onboarding training materials.

User and Tenant Settings

Customize your Profile Settings to control the way Secureworks contacts you and how you experience XDR. In this section, manage your contact information, find your Support PIN, opt in to use features in Preview, and update your notification preferences.

Leverage Tenant Settings to manage users, create custom rules, create suppression rules, view the status of Proactive Response Actions Authorization, see data usage, and review audit logs.

Use Tenant Profile to manage information about your local infrastructure to inform Secureworks® as they triage and review security alerts within XDR.


Profile Settings are for the individual, whereas Tenant Settings apply to the entire organization.