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Your Secureworks Team

As a ManagedXDR customer, you are assigned a team of security experts to assist at various stages of your Taegis Journey: Onboarding Specialist, Customer Success Manager, and Threat Engagement Manager. If you purchased ManagedXDR Elite, you are assigned a Threat Hunter instead of a Threat Engagement Manager. Reference the list below for a summary of what to expect when engaging with these team members.

Onboarding Specialist CSM TEM Threat Hunter
ManagedXDR yes yes yes
ManagedXDR Elite yes yes yes
  • Onboarding Specialist — Responsible for tenant creation, providing access to the application, and guiding customers through the setup of Taegis to the Steady State stage.
  • Customer Success Manager (CSM) — Serves as the primary operational point of contact once Steady State is achieved. The CSM is responsible for ensuring your success, understanding your business goals, and ensuring Taegis is being used to fulfill your needs. In some cases, your Onboarding Specialist and CSM may be the same person.
  • Threat Engagement Manager (TEM) — Responsible for reviewing data and making recommendations for improvements to your security posture. The first introduction to your TEM is during the Initial Security Protection Review, approximately four weeks after you enter Steady State. After this review, you meet with your CSM and TEM on a quarterly basis to review trends and notable activity observed by XDR in your IT environment.
  • Threat Hunter — Holds the same responsibilities as the TEM. You are introduced to your Threat Hunter as you enter Steady State. As part of the service, you'll meet with your Threat Hunter on a biweekly basis.


Check the Help Center

Access the Help Center for direct links to the Documentation site, Knowledge Base, Support Tickets, and Platform Status.

Engage Support

In addition to your dedicated CSM and TEM team, you also have 24x7 access to our Product Support and Security Analysis Teams.

  • Secureworks Product Support is ready to assist with any XDR related needs ranging from issues with the application interface, to issues integrating telemetry.
  • Our SecOps team focuses on reviewing telemetry, including all High and Critical alerts for ManagedXDR and ManagedXDR Elite customers. In addition to proactively reviewing your data, analysts are available to answer questions you may have about your data.

Both teams can be contacted via chat, ticket, or phone.