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Once an asset has been discovered, it is ready to be scanned. The scans can be scheduled using:

  • Auto Discovery Scheduling — Assets are scanned upon Auto Discovery
  • Manual Scheduling — Choose which assets are to be scanned and when
  • Bulk Scheduling — Schedule scans of an entire IP range

By default, scans do not use any credentials; however, Secureworks recommends using authenticated scans for the most comprehensive and accurate scanning.

If you need to stop ongoing scans and/or cancel future scans, use the Cancel Scan button and unschedule the asset.

You can also cancel all ongoing scans with the Emergency Stop option.


Emergency Stop is an extreme measure and should only be used if absolutely necessary. If the Emergency Stop is used all active and future scans are cancelled until Emergency Stop is deactivated.

You can also use API calls to update the asset scan schedule or update asset tags used for authenticated scans.


When scanning Web Applications, you may want to manually add FQDNs or URLs.