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Consult Scans

Once an asset has been scanned, the scan results can be consulted in multiple ways.

  • Vulnerabilities page:
    • From the Vulnerabilities view of Taegis™ VDR, use a free-form search field and an extensive set of filters to easily find and sort vulnerabilities based on their characteristics
    • On the left side of the Vulnerabilities view, use a combination of filters to better refine the displayed assets. When making selections in different filter sections, filtering is exclusive: assets must match both filters to be displayed. Selections in the same filter section are additive; assets matching at least one of the filters display.
    • Review the following documentation to learn how to find, filter, and sort vulnerabilities using filters and search fields.

For more on prioritization factors, see Understanding More Complex Prioritization Factors.


If you don’t agree with the scan results, you can mark the detection as a False Positive or update the vulnerability’s severity.