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Asset Discovery and Scan

Assets are divided into two categories within Taegis™ VDR: Servers and Websites. Anything with an IPv4 address is considered an asset. Review Taegis™ VDR’s definition of an asset and how it is licensed at What is Taegis™ VDR’s Definition of an Asset?


Taegis™ VDR Licensing is based on the number of uniquely scanned assets. This means you can discover more assets than you wish to scan with no contractual issues. Learn more about VDR Licensing at How does licensing for Taegis™ VDR Work?

Taegis™ VDR uses fingerprinting to ensure that assets in dynamic networks—such as on DHCP networks—do not get duplicated and consume additional licenses. For more information, see Fingerprinting and Asset Tracking.

Placement determines how Taegis™ VDR is able to discover and scan assets.