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Create New Teams and Invite New Users

Teams are an essential part of Taegis™ VDR. When your Taegis™ VDR tenant is created, a default team with your tenant’s name is also created. You can also create additional teams if you need to segregate assets between different groups in which different users have specific privileges.


  • An admin account for support-<customername>@octolabs.io has been added to your tenant to allow VDR support teams to access your tenant. Please do not remove this account, as support will not be able to assist you if removed. Additionally, please add the support account to any newly created teams to enable support for the team.
  • If asset segmentation is required, an Administrator can create additional teams. Assets can only be present on one team for the same organization, while a user can be a member of multiple teams and can switch between teams' context using the Team Selector drop-down menu from the right of the top toolbar.
  • Users may be added prior to team creation and will be part of the default team. Users may be moved to different teams later if needed.
  • If teams exist prior to user creation, users can be added to the applicable team(s) as part of the creation process.

Learn how to create new teams and add users to teams:


Pay special attention to users that require privileged accounts, as this is set up using the Account Type field and is independent of the Privilege Level settings.


Team Notifications can be enabled to receive emails in a team’s mailbox, instead of individual users’ mailboxes. See Enabling Team Notifications to learn more about enabling team notifications.